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Resin Casting

Introduction: Resin casting or plastic resin casting is a form of plastic casting process in which the molding materials used are liquid resin like acrylics, polyesters , urethanes, epoxies, etc. This process is primarily usResin Castinged for casting industrial prototypes and dentistry. Plastic resin casting is an uncomplicated casting procedure that is preferred by hobbyist and artists.

Process:> Plastic resin casting can be done at normal room temperature and pressure using molds made from latex rubber, vulcanized silicone rubber or other materials that are quite cheap and affordable. Liquid resin which is mixed with a curing agent is poured into the mould at room temperature. The bubbles that are created during the molding process can be expelled by shaking the mold. Resin harden to take the intricate shape of the mold.

The synthetic resins used include polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin and silicone resin. A flexible mold can be made of latex rubber, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber or other similar materials at relatively low cost. The mold are commonly made in two halves.

The simplest method is gravity casting where the resin is poured into the mold and pulled down into all the parts by gravity. Hardened resin casting is removed from the flexible mold and allowed to cool.

Casting can also be done in a vacuum chamber or in a pressure pot, to reduce their size to the point where they aren't visible. Pressure and/or centrifugal force can be used to help push the liquid resin into all details of the mold. The mold can also be vibrated to expel bubbles.

Plastic Resin Casting Applications of Resin Casting: Resin casting is an excellent media for reproducing any form for objects. Hence, this process is used to cast prototypes to complete model of ships, cars, trains, air crafts, buildings, etc. Resin can be cast is intricate design using a variety of colour combinations. Therefore, this medium is used for casting beautiful jeweleries, attractive toys, etc. Bangles and other ornamentals accessories using resin is quite popular among college goers.

Advantages of Resin Casting:
  • Plastic resin casting enables the casting of intricate designs
  • Can be casted or painted in any desired colour
  • Finished models of toys, jeweleries and protype castings is an exact replica of the original ones using costly materials.