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Decorative, Antique and Artwork Metal Casting

Decorative Metal Casting Art casting is an ancient method of creating statues and sculptures that has been in practice in Meso-America, China, and Ancient Egypt since 2000 BC. The Greeks practiced it, so did the Romans, and pretty much any civilization with a strong interest in art. The Lost Wax Casting process is the preferred method used when art casting. This process was used in ancient times to create bronze items. Small foundries like the type found in backyards, personnel workshops, and garages are able to use the Lost Wax Casting process with a certain amount of professionalism. There are lots of metal castings available in the form of art & craft work, like art metal casting, decorative metal casting, antique metal casting, decorative crafted art work casting items, antique castig items, fine art casting products and more which are perfect for decoration purpose in home and work place.

Metal Casting and Artwork: Discovery of the metals and the means of working them are the two major developments in the history of human civilization. The names generally given to the three prehistoric periods of man's life on the earth - the Stone, the Bronze and the Iron age - imply the vast importance of the progressive steps from the flint knife to the bronze celt, and lastly to the keen-edged elastic iron weapon or tool.

Antique Metal Casting Gold, silver, copper, tin, iron and lead were most popularly used metals in primitive ages. Their peculiarities have naturally marked out each of them for special uses and methods of treatment. The durability and the extraordinary ductility and pliancy of gold, its power of being subdivided, drawn out or flattened into wire or leaf of almost infinite fineness, have led to its being used for works where great minuteness and delicacy of execution were required; while its beauty and rarity have, for the most part, limited its use to objects of adornment and luxury, as distinct from those of utility. In a lesser degree most of the qualities of gold are shared by silver, and consequently the treatment of these two metals has always been very similar, though the greater abundance of the latter metal has allowed it to be used on a larger scale and for a greater variety of purposes.

Mould making and the lost wax casting of metals for fine art are long-established techniques, which involve both artistic and material science considerations. The methods described in "Fine Art Metal Casting "cross a broad range of disciplines, from ceramics and glass through to jewelery and areas of conservation, archeology, and palaeontology, where replicas must be made. This book provides a unique, all-encompassing, visually-based demonstrative source which will prove invaluable for art, craft, and design based practitioners, art historians and curators, scientists and conservators, and researchers and students.

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