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Single or Loose Patterns

A casting pattern is basically a shaped form of either metal or wood where sand is packed around it in the mold. When this pattern is removed, the resulting cavity would be exactly the shape of the pattern object that was to be cast.
Single or Loose Patterns
The casting pattern should however be designed in order to be easily removed without any damage done to the mold. The pattern should be also be perfectly dimensioned and should be very durable for the intended use.

The patterns that are used in sand casting can be made of plastic, metal, wood or any other material. The casting patterns are made to the right standards of construction this is basically because they can last for a reasonable time. The durability of the pattern would however depend according to the quality of grade in the casting pattern.

Likewise Loose patterns are single copies of the casting but incorporating the allowances and core prints necessary for producing the casting. Generally made of wood, buy can also be of metals, plasters, plastics, wax, or any other suitable material.

Here hand molding is used which is time consuming and costly. And rarely does any casting is made one single loose pattern. Such types is used for prototype castings.